2019 Character Voices and Cartoon Voice Actors

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  1. Narrator For Anime Voice Introduction
  2. New Jersey Accent Needed ASAP
  3. Shaquille O'Neal Voice-Over for Web Animation $100
  4. Olumo Animation App
  5. Lions Clubs International Foundation
  6. Lions Clubs International Foundation
  7. Lions Clubs International Foundation
  8. Dialog and Dialog+ script
  9. Fun Cartoon Educational Voice over
  10. 20s - 30s Travel Video with Natural, Authentic, Trustworthy Voice.
  11. Animated Show Trailer - Teenage Descendant of King Arthur
  12. Animated Show Trailer - Gothic, Brooding yet Sophisticated
  13. Animated Show Trailer - Proper, Straight-edge Army Brat
  14. Animated Show Trailer - Cynical, Sarcastic yet Likable
  15. LinkedIn New Product Feature Announcement
  16. ZOLL Data — Explainer Video
  17. Bible Memory Aid
  18. MCI - 20 years
  19. Cartoon Rap Brief
  20. We are looking for high-quality ideas for our video (Cartoon Voice)
  21. Teenage Female, Young Adult Animation Redubbing
  22. Teenager/ Young Adult Animation Redubbing
  23. Young Adult or Teenager for Animation Role
  24. Parsely Expanded Script
  25. Male Cartoon Voice
  26. Cartoon Voice
  27. Nyotron - animated video
  28. DEL EADS Video
  29. Telia's Hybrid Cloud
  30. Travel app explainer video
  31. Banque - Motion design
  32. Vegetation Management Animation
  33. Video about time travel
  34. Great Animation Voice
  35. Looking for: female, late 20s/mid 30s, AMERICAN voice for animated, casual, positive, slightly excited performance
  36. British female to voice Fintech explainer video
  37. Funny voice over
  38. Print Boss
  39. SIRIS 4 Animated Explainer
  40. Native English VO for 2 videos for UN Women
  41. USA Genetics Explainer Video
  42. DB maestro - short animation video
  43. Simple Jeremy Clarkson voiceover of an introduction to another person
  44. Animation Explainer Video for a US based, International Organization providing sustainable development solutions worldwide
  45. Animation Explainer Video for a US based NGO that is dedicated to empowering rural women in West Africa
  46. Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
  47. Industrial Equipment Marketing Overview
  48. Cingo: Realtor Campaign Video
  49. GoToMeeting Video
  50. Trade Show Industry - The Progressive Model

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