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Trabajo nº 10042 Zeno Clash videogame - character voiceover

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Oct 7, 2008 @ 19:55
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Oct 10, 2008
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English (North American)
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Script available in attachment by clicking the Download link. You will need to download the script if creating a custom demo.

Please note you are not expected to read the entire script. It is provided so that you know what the project entails and are able to quote accurately.

We are an independent game development studio from Chile. Our name is ACE Team and we are working on a videogame named “Zeno Clash”. We are looking for voiceover talent for our main character.

We currently have placeholder recordings for this character done which means we can provide you with:

1) The script (Note: The relevant character in the script is "Ghat")

2) Full .wav files or movie files with the dialogue within the conversation’s context. (ex: If two people are talking this includes the main character’s voice plus the dialogue of who he’s talking to).

4) All the media and description necessary to understand the character.

The work we need is just for the protagonist. In terms of volume, the amount of dialogue is not too much. The character has around 50 lines of dialogue plus a few grunts and sounds.

Best regards,
Carlos Bordeu
ACE Team

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ACE Team is an independent game's developer based in Santiago, Chile.

Most of our members have worked in the videogame industry for years, but just recently we have decided to found our own independent company and make the kind of games we really want to play.

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