Toasted! Audio Theater Project. Multi-lingual talent needed Trabajo nº 10123

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Trabajo nº 10123 Toasted! Audio Theater Project. Multi-lingual talent needed

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Oct 11, 2008 @ 21:14
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Oct 31, 2008
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Audeeoh! Theater Company proudly presents 'Toasted', a Double-A Mystery.

We are seeking number of vocal talents, but we need to start with our lead character.

Angelica is a teenage part of a duo detective agency who has street smarts and a unique ability to speak multiple languages.

We are seeking a fem who can speak multiple languages fluently or somewhat fluently.

A minimum of three languages required. Any languages ... it's your choice ... but you must be able to do the following:

1) Translate English into any of your three or more languages.
2) Perform and switch from one of those languages to another.

Once we locked down whom plays this character of multiple languages, we will cast for other characters that can also speak those same languages singularly.

The following sampler lines bounces your language speaking skills from one language to another. Where it says (language #) is where you start speaking one of your three languages in that language, translated from English). Once again, if you are fluent in any three languages, that would be perfect. The more the better:


My name is Angelica Kims and I've got languages on lock! I can speak (language #1 - "backwards and forwards like I lived in that country). I can also speak (language #2 - fluently and make you believe I was born there.) and my best language is (language #3 - because I love the language and I have friends who speak it too.). Me and my friend, Andrea, are the best detectives in the world!

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