Call Me Genie Trabajo nº 2054

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Trabajo nº 2054 Call Me Genie

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Sep 9, 2006 @ 00:34
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Sep 15, 2006
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This is a voice over for a movie demo reel
You could check a video at

Here is a transcript of the voiceover:

00:00:06:39 Every five thousand years a wise and powerful Genie comes to Earth to transform the life of some unsuspecting people. (pause)

00:00:22:45 Whoever releases the Genie will have the fortuitous luck of having his wishes fulfilled. (pause)

00:00:35:85 Three friends, Gooch, Vlad and Fatty, get together for a New Year party. Gooch is heartbroken over his classmate Lena, who doesn’t give him the time of day. Vlad can't find anyone from his “list of girlfriends” who will accept his invitation to the party. And, Fatty just goes with the flow where fate points him to. (pause)

00:01:43:42 Gooch opens the can and the Genie grants him his first wish of joining Lena in India, for the holidays. (pause)

00:02:21:58 People haven’t changed for thousands of years, and they are easily satisfied with riches and power. But Genie couldn't make every wish come true. It is something is beyond his power. (pause)

00:02:42:29 Genie could only teleport or shift things from one location to another. So, if they wanted a million dollars, our Genie have to move it from somewhere. (pause)

00:03:07:66 That is what happened with a Russian mobster. His safe was empty and his gang will follow the money trail. (pause)

00:05:03:55 Genie could not help his masters get out of trouble. Moreover, he could be even jailed in the Mafia's hands.

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