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Trabajo nº 2063 Real time strategy game for PC

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Dec 15, 2006 @ 22:17
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Jan 6, 2007
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English (British)
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We are currently casting talent for a PC based real time strategy game. The principal characters (12) are outlined below, the game is based in a medieval setting so medieval sounding (British type) accents are required. Interested individuals should submit their resume and voice sample. Please indicate which character you are auditioning for and if you could do multiple.

Upon receipt of auditions, we will contact talent with more information about the project, and provide talent with audition materials.

Please note: we are only looking for non-union talent based in the Toronto, Canada area.

K e y C h a r a c t e r s

P r i n c e E r i a n

Prince Erian The 4th
Age 24. He of the tragic flag.

Inexperienced as a leader, and still mourning the loss of his father, Erian’s inner turmoil is reflected in his often rash decisions. The typical prince, Erian is well-educated, well-mannered, and is struggling to find the hero he knows that exists inside himself. Lately, he has been showing intermittent glimpses of a commanding constitution and an iron-strong voice, giving hope to his men that perhaps he is finally coming into his own.

Voice – Well spoken, clear, proud.

Erian’s Knights

Age 38. He of the sharp eyes.

Ready with quick wit and beguiling smile, Lomad disguises his keen grasp of the situation to great effect. An easy man to underestimate, hence a difficult man to best. Always boisterous, Lomad can be silenced only by Markus. Rather than training, Lomad prefers to spend time making crude jokes, which makes him a favorite among the lower ranks.

Voice - Strong, rough, with a bit of a rasp.

Age 35. He of the disproportionate anger.

Half man, half dwarf. Ever fierce, ever hostile. Most violent when questioned about his parentage. He resents being only half-dwarf, and often denies his human heritage. He makes up for this insecurity by always having a large cache of dwarven anecdotes and jokes on hand. His favorite pastime is fighting in the rain.

Voice - his Dwarf accent sounds similar to Scottish. His voice is deep and gruff.

Age 40s. He of the loyal heart.

Knights Commander and a favorite in the Dagbor Court. Since the Prince’s birth, it has been Markus’s task to protect and train the boy in order to prepare him for the crown. Markus has traveled extensively, and has the weapons skills and hearty sense of humor to show for it. Markus is perhaps the man closest to Erian, and the only one whom the Prince can confide in.

Voice - Strong, deep, confident. The voice of an old war dog.

Age 30. He of the unbeatable blade.

A mercenary knight, recently recruited by Markus, Patrick is a slick man of mysterious intentions, and a rogue-like countenance. Though reserved, Sir Patrick exudes an intensity which many find uncomfortable. More than any other Knight, Patrick is a master of the sword. He trains incessantly, in every spare moment. He says little, but achieves much.

Voice – Smooth, assured, calculated.

H a r t h r a m

Harthram, son of Estrom, son of Prestor
Age 26. He of the many battles yet to come.

The penniless Lord of a small borderland estate, Harthram is young, headstrong and full of the madness of love. A natural leader, determined and courageous, though war is the last thing he desires.

Voice - Young, confident, energetic.

Friends of Harthram

In his estate, turned village, Harthram knows three people he would trust with his life. These are the people he counts as friends; and people he turns to in an hour of need…

Age 19. She of the violet eyes and the quick temper.

Lover and wife to be. Strong-willed and single-minded, she is a woman to be reckoned with. As a teenager, she ran away from home and was taken in by Harthram’s family. At first, Hartham and Illian kept apart, but this was merely a prelude to a relationship that has slowly grown, until the death of Harthram’s mother in recent months, which acted as a catalyst to finally bring them together.

Voice – Musical, youthful.

Age 25. He of the practical jokes and easy smile.

Lambert is Harthram’s closest friend. Two years younger, he competes always with Harthram and argues incessantly, but would defend his friend to the death if need be. His father is the village butcher, and does not approve of Lambert hanging around with Harthram, when he should be learning the value of hard work. For Harthram’s part, he is conscious of setting an example to Lambert, and his deceased father’s advice always weighs heavy: “If you must swing a sword, hope no one sees.” Of course, Lambert sometimes leads him astray…

Voice – High, eager.

Early 60s. He of the sighs and friendly winks.

Old servant of the family, whom Harthram cannot afford to pay, but remains in his service nonetheless, content with merely food and board. He wears rags for clothes and will not change them. He never wears shoes, and his toes are a strange green colour. He is prone to remarks both profound and bizarre, but at times can be quite cutting. Though he proudly claims to be a butler, in reality he does very little in the way of butlering – a long-running joke which everyone is aware of, though Harthram does not seem to mind.

Voice - Old, thin.

Sir Warren The Just
Age 32. He of the careful sword.

His lineage is closely tied with Hathram`s, and his forefathers served Harthram`s forefathers. Eloquent and even tempered, Warren often functions as a diplomat, and has been known to mediate between opposing groups. Due to his extensive traveling history, he has become fairly fluent in several languages and can often make other races and cultures feel comfortable in negotiations. Warren stands for honor and believes in a strict code of chivalry.

Voice – Strong, amiable.

Sir Fioden the Drunk
Age 38. He of the insatiable thirst.

With a nose bright red from drink, and hands that shake unless they hold steel. Though his tale is often lost amidst his drunken ramblings and many tall stories, he most likely took to the bottle after Harthram’s father gave the knights their leave. Drunkard he may be, but given a sword his reactions are as sharp as the blade. He is short-tempered and will fight anyone, friend or foe – though foes rarely escape with merely a broken nose. Infallibly loyal.

Voice - Slow, sometimes slurred.

Sir Adam the Ox
Age 40. He of the thunder that some call laughter.

A giant of a man, born to surprisingly small parents. He walks with a shuffle and a stoop, and is embarrassed by his size. But though he may seem slow-moving, his quiet opinions are often worth listening to. Should he be drawn into laughter, the floor vibrates and the ceiling quakes. Due to his imposing figure, work as a bodyguard has always been easy to find, but he will gladly come to Harthram’s aid, eager to once more be among those who accept him and value more than his strength.

Voice – Deep, booming.

Faramor, Wizard from the Order of the Deep
Age 50s. He of the fearsome whisper.

A wizard of great power and greater mystery. Few know much of the wizard Faramor. Few dare to cross his path.
Voice – Sharp, commanding.

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