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Trabajo nº 2127 Fight Night Episode

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Sep 21, 2006 @ 23:08
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Sep 26, 2006
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Video is based on UFC-type (Ultimate Fighting Championship) video game and is action oriented. This is the cut away audience section, and the male voice has already been hired. Female must be nearly hysterical without being overwhelming. Intense without being too dramatic. This character is an audience member not the main event, so she sounds authentic but excited and intensely interested in what is occuring in the ring. Male lines have been included for guidence. Talent should read only female parts for audition purposes. This could lead to several episodes.


Male: He's got him down, It's over.

FEMALE: Oh, Tony! Use your elbow!

Male: He hears you!

FEMALE: One good shot and his eye is wide open!

Male: That's a solid hit to his face, (pause) alright!

FEMALE: Knock him out!

Male: Alright! What a cut, he's bleeding!

FEMALE: Yeah! Let it flow, cut him up, baby!

Male: What a fight!

FEMALE: Oh!(Pause) Oh!(pause) I really think Tony...! C'mon Tony! Kill Him!

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