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Trabajo nº 2129 Support Group Radio/Lisa

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Sep 22, 2006 @ 15:21
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Sep 26, 2006
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This spot is non-union and will air in Indianapolis only.

“Support Group”—:60

Character: LISA
• Female in her late 30s or early 40s
• Positive and believable
• There should be a certain vulnerability to her, because she’s been through the trauma of being morbidly obese and undertaking the drastic measure of gastric bypass surgery
• Overall, she needs to read like the “lady next door”
• Our morbidly overweight audience needs to identify with her…and be motivated to action by her delivery

SFX: Subtle music under; Ambient room noise

MODERATOR: Welcome back, ladies. We’re gonna have Lisa get the group started tonight with some pretty big changes since her bariatric surgery at St. Francis.
LISA: Well, the biggest thing is that I never thought I could lose this much weight. I feel so much healthier now.
LISA: Oh! And I actually went through a turnstile yesterday. [JOKINGLY] Not around it—through it.
LISA: [SINCERELY] And, ya know what else? I don’t feel like people are staring at me anymore.
SFX: Subtle music & noise out; St. Francis branding music up & under
MODERATOR: These are just a few of the personal victories I’ve heard about from the hundreds of patients who’ve had bariatric surgery at St. Francis.

That’s the power of surgical weight loss.

If your weight has been holding you back from enjoying life,
St. Francis can help. With experienced surgeons. Support.
And faith.

Call the St. Francis Weight Loss Center today at 1-877-888-1777. That’s 1-877-888-1777.
SFX: St. Francis branding music swells
LISA: [SINCERELY] Believe me, life is waiting. Take the first step.

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