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Trabajo nº 2144 Mortgage Originator

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Sep 25, 2006 @ 14:08
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Sep 26, 2006
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We are casting the parts of "LOAN ORIGINATOR" and "BOB" in a radio commercial for a New England-based mortgage lender.

The "LOAN ORIGINATOR" is based loosely on "David Puddy" from Seinfeld, and we would like him to have a similar personality. He's overly-confident and a little bit sleazy.

"BOB" should have an 'every-man' sound, and is slightly hesitant to deal with this Loan Originator.

Be creative and have fun with the parts!


Bob: "Well thanks for the loan, Bill. I WAS going with another lender, you know. They have a real "no points or closing costs" mortgage."

LOAN ORIGINATOR: Yeah, well... you won't pay any of those fees here either, Bob. And, thanks again for proposing to my sister, man. Hey, here she comes now!"

Sister: Nice going, Romeo... I found this email on your computer. "I love you, Sarah?" Who's Sarah??!

Bob: I'm sorry, honey, I can explain...

Sister: Sorry? Here's your stupid ring back. The wedding is off!! OOOHH!

Bob: Wait, honey, I can explain.

LOAN ORIGINATOR: Okay then. Let's review your closing costs again. You got your application fee, title fee, appraisal fee, inspection fee...

Bob: Wait a minute... there weren't supposed to be any closing costs.

LOAN ORIGINATOR: A "cheating on my sister" fee, a "You're a lying two-bit traitor" fee....

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