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Trabajo nº 2145 Mortgage Psychic

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Sep 25, 2006 @ 14:22
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Sep 26, 2006
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We are casting the parts of "AMY" and "ZELDA" in a radio commercial for a New England-based mortgage lender.

In the spot, AMY has gone to see a psychic, ZELDA, because she has an adjustable rate mortgage and she wants to know how high rates will go. In the first few lines, AMY is slightly timid and a little hesitant about seeing ZELDA. ZELDA should have a slightly comical Hungarian-type accent (her W's become V's), and should be a little bit over the top. (but not TOO much.)

Be creative and have fun with the characters!


AMY: (Amy has just walked into the shop) "Madame Zelda?"

Zelda: "Come in my dear. Vhat can Madame Zelda tell you about your future?"

AMY: "Well, I have an adjustable rate mortgage, and..."

Zelda: "You're vondering how high interest rates vill climb."

AMY: "That's right."

Zelda: "Sssshhh... I'm thinking of za number."

AMY: "You mean you really can tell me how high interest rates will climb?"

Zelda: (at this point, Zelda kind of drops the psychic act, and is more matter-of-factly) "Don't be silly, my dear. I'm not the Federal Reserve. The number I'm thinking of... is 1-800-EAST VEST."

AMY: (mocking her accent slightly) "1-800-EAST VEST?"

Zelda: "Exactly. They're New England's leading mortgage lender, and their billion dollar lending power means they get some of the lowest fixed-rates in the country."

AMY: "I bet YOU have a low fixed-rate mortgage. You know something, don't you?"

Zelda: "But of course. I'm Zelda!"

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