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Trabajo nº 2165 Oprah Winfrey sound alike

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Sep 27, 2006 @ 14:09
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Nov 1, 2006
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My company is currently preparing for a Christmas play "Hallelujah in "A" Flat" in this production there is a speaking role of Ms. Oprah Winfrey. In the script Ms. Winfrey is supposed to visit this church on Christmas Eve and the audience hears a 1 minute snippet of her talking to her assistant. I have someone for Ms. Fulucia's voice but I need a sound alike for Ms. Winfrey's voice

Scene #5

Ms. Winfrey: (as if answering phone) Yes, this is Ms. Winfrey, I'm on my way to studio 6 for taping. Okay give me 5 minutes, send in Ms. Fulicia.

Ms. Fulucia: Yes Ms. Winfrey, you sent for me?

Ms. Winfrey: Yes. I need to know what's on schedule for December, I need to take some time off.

Ms. Fulucia: Well, let me see. You have to speak at Spelman on December 2, then on the 10th you're scheduled to be in South Africa to give Christmas to the girls at your new school.

Ms. Winfrey: That's right. I am so proud of them.

Ms. Fulucia: Then on the 19th you're supposed to be with Stedman and his family for Christmas shopping.

Ms. Winfrey: Yeah, then I'm done?

Ms. Fulucia: No you have to speak at that little community college you gave that big financial gift to, and while you're there you're supposed to visit, um, let me see if I have it.. um, here it is, MT Zion Church for their Christmas Program.

Ms. Winfrey: That's right. Remind me to see if Gayle can come with me, she needs a break. This might do us both some good (Lights come up on rehearsal hall)

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