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Trabajo nº 2231 Neptunus Rex

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Oct 9, 2006 @ 22:18
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Nov 20, 2006
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English (British)
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Neptunus Rex is a movie about Beliveau and LaFontaine, two poets who also happen to be scientists who pioneer the art of cloud collecting.

We need a narrator, voice-aged 25 - 35 as a lovely voice to guide the story.

(selections from screenplay)

Beliveau and LaFontaine were scientists of the first degree.

When they went on the attack things got done.

They met as graduate students at Cornell when they each proposed for their thesis in Cartography to dig a hole to China.

Both theses were rejected on the grounds they were too conventional. But Beliveau and LaFontaine went ahead on their own steam.

They were pioneers in their field, whatever field it was at the time. They tackled experiments other teams shied away from. They were rogues, mavericks, and desperadoes in the most Spanish sense of the word.

They stalked active undersea lava flows off the coast of Panama.

They researched the intrinsic power of dinosaur hide from Patagonia to withstand the effects of solar radiation and extreme wind.

They believed the findings could be useful in outfitting space shuttles. Dinosaurs, after all, survived in conditions much too extreme for the frailties of men for millions of years.

Whatever star they may have chased in the past Beliveau and LaFontaine had become best known for the science they pioneered together.

The science of Nubiology, of harvesting clouds.

Beliveau and LaFontaine were cloud collectors.

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