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Trabajo nº 2267 Video Game - greetings, one-liners

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Oct 18, 2006 @ 19:11
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Oct 27, 2006
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HermitWorks Entertainment Corporation is looking for voices for our sci-fi trading game 'Space Trader'. Players operate ships to travel from planet to planet exploring cities and trading commodities.

'Space Trader' has 25-30 unique characters male and female that require voice overs. All voice overs are short one-liners less than 3 seconds that will queue when the players interact with the characters. Each character will have 5 to 10 lines each.

We're looking for very unique, comical, outrageously stereotypical and interesting voices to give these characters life.

'Space Trader' is a light-hearted trading game focused on making money and high scores. Our target audience is ages 12+ male and female. We're looking for voices that will appeal to a large market.

For this posting we are providing a few sample lines:

The following lines are for 'Good' law abiding merchants when the player first interacts with them:

“Ah, hello.”
“What can I do for you?”
“Looking to trade?”
“Greetings, Trader!”
“Another wise customer!”
“A fine day for trading.”
“Let’s trade.”
“Welcome wealthy friend!”

The next lines are for 'Evil' or black market merchants dealing in contraband:

“Psst, hey you!”
“Hey, Trader.”
“Looking for something?”
“I’ve got what you need...”
“If you’re buying, I’m selling...”
“Were you followed?”
“You’ve got the money?”
“I’ve heard about you.”
“You buyin’?”
“What’d ya bring me this time?”

We're hoping see some improvisation with these lines to really make a good fit for the characters. The idea and context must be portrayed not necessarily the actual text. The final job description will include more information about the game and a profile for each character.

Thank you,
Cameron Tofer

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