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Trabajo nº 2269 PBS underwriting credit

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Oct 18, 2006 @ 21:36
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Oct 23, 2006
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We are looking for a "young adult" voice for Intel's underwriting credit on a new PBS series. The spot is whimsical with a message that science and engineering can be fun. Here's the script:

Close on fingertips dropping a ball into a steep chute. Our camera follows the action in a series of tight close-ups. The ball hurtles down the chute – through a loop-d-loop and drops into a bowl of water below. With a splash the ball displaces the water, sending a yellow rubber ducky and water down a short water slide and onto a skateboard. The skateboarding ducky bumps into a light switch which turns on an electric drill. A revolving cam on the drill turns a belt which powers a Ferris Wheel made from a bicycle wheel - each of the small “cars” holding a small ball. As the balls reach the top of the wheel – they are dropped onto a computer laptop’s keyboard one by one – amazingly – typing code which brings the Intel Education logo flashing onto the screen.

The path to innovation isn’t always a straight line.

Sometimes… there’s no line at all. (amused)

Intel and PBS. Investing in the young minds of today. Inspiring the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Dissolve to the Intel education logo and Intel Education URL.

“Path to Innovation” part 2 (closing credit) :15

High School classroom. Several diverse students are working on elements of the opening Rube Goldberg device. One might be on his computer researching Newton’s Laws. A pair might be working to perfect the drill/pulley mechanism. Another group might be laughing as they attempt to get the ball to properly displace the water and rubber ducky. The emphasis will be on the group problem solving and exhilarating fun of science and engineering.

Intel offers a unique combination of innovative technologies and programs which are transforming learning environments around the world.

Intel joins PBS in celebrating the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Dissolve to the Intel education logo and Intel Education URL.

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