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Trabajo nº 2273 Humorous Website Movie Shorts

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Oct 19, 2006 @ 16:14
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Oct 31, 2006
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English (British)
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This project will be for five short movies (less than a minute each). We need an authentic dry British humor read. Other European accents are also welcome. We want something unique.

Thanks again!

A bit of background:

Our client has created an email platform that is completely secure and spam-free. The technology for every email system in use today was invented in 1982 and has not changed since which is why spam and scam are such big problems. Our goal with this first short is to dramatize just how long ago 1982 was. The VO will be accompanied by stills and footage from '82 - think bad hair, fashion, dancing, huge cell phones, etc.

Vocal direction: Think VO for newscast or documentary, only subject matter is funny. Monty Python-esque. We mentioned John Cleese's style as an example to the client on what type of voice we were thinking of, but we don't want it to sound like we're trying to do a Cleese impersonation. We need something that would be unique to us.


Linxter Presents: It was a really, really long time ago.

The year was 1982. A stamp cost just twenty cents. A cellular phone weighed twenty pounds. And this guy was probably cool.

Yes, nineteen hundred and eighty two. Man had just learned to walk upright, use personal computing devices, and dance.

Ok, so maybe the dancing still had a long way to evolve.

Most notably however, 1982 was the year that the technology that every email system in the world relies on was invented.

A quarter of a century later, the world of computing has advanced by leaps and bounds, a digital generation has grown up, and yet, we continue to rely on a primitive email technology…that is still far from secure.

Thankfully, the big brains at Useful Technology have created Linxter, 100% secure email for a modern society.

Linxter uses a futuristic technology, is completely spam-free and easy to love.

The world may no longer have big padded shoulders to lean on, but at least now it has email it can truly depend on.

Get Linxter today and get with the times!

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