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Trabajo nº 2366 Animated Web Advertisement:

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Nov 5, 2006 @ 20:21
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Nov 9, 2006
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Indecent Music is a full-service production and recording studio. The company is owned by Hendrik Gideonse, a member of the Audio Production Faculty at the New England Institute of Art. Mr. Gideonse holds a BA and MA in Music Composition from Tufts University. Corporate clients include Houghton Mifflin, Focus Entertainment Group, and Useful Technology.

The son character acts as the narrator for an animated advertisement for a new spam-free internet communication tool.
The character 'SPAM BOMB' is a bumbling old super hero who is incapable of doing any real super-hero work. The son is disappointed and embarrassed by his father.

Son: "That's my Dad. Spam Bomb."

"He's a Super Hero. Or at least he was."

"It was his job to catch spammers and other bad guys on the Internet."

"He wasn't very good at it."

"He really couldn't catch anything at all."

"So the spammers always won."

"He says it wasn't his fault."

"He says the whole system was old and not secure."

"Until one day, everyone switched to a totally new system. It defeated all the spammers and scammers all by itself."

"There was no one left for my dad to protect us from, so he was asked to hang up his cape."

"Mom says he needs to get a job, but he's still not very good at catching things."

"He went on some job interviews …."

"He even auditioned for some popular things on the internet."

"But he still wasn't very good."

"He even tried to find a job in the corporate sector, but none of those guys needed a spam-fighting super hero."

"… because they had all switched to the new system, too."

"Now he plays Texas Hold 'Em on the computer all day."

"He says he's going to Vegas to win a zillion dollars in the big poker tournament."

"Whatever he does, I hope he does it soon."

Note from If you submit a custom demo, abbreviate the copy and use watermarks as a best practice.

Direction suggestions: The son's voice will need to sound fairly young and somewhat disappointed.

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