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Trabajo nº 2456 combat advert

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Nov 19, 2006 @ 09:45
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Nov 27, 2006
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About us:
Get realistic, effective training. It's your advantage over your attacker.

Our training is effective for adult females, as well as males. Unlike most self defense systems, our system is not sport oriented. Our system is 100% street oriented and ensures that you get training for defending and surviving in real situations, in any environment.

Our up-to-date system teaches you to work within the boundaries of the law to:

Defend against all modern weapons threats
Defend from any position including standing, knee high, compromised positions and ground positions.
Train using the most modern principles of combat.
Train for ability to restrain people.
Train for ability to defend in lethal force situation when your life is at threat.Our training techniques are always up-to-date. Many martial arts systems continue to teach defense against ancient threats. This does not prepare a person for modern threats. Any effective training system must address the reality that the human race has progressed, and so have situations, threats and weapons that demand defense. You wouldn't race an ancient Model T Ford against a modern Ferrari and expect winning results. When your life is on the line, why would you even consider using ancient defense techniques against modern threats?


Would you know what to do if you were assaulted or confronted with a life threatening situation?


Then you need SFCA Close Quarter Combat System. It’s the most modern and effective self defense system available.

The system is rapid and easy to learn self defense for adults—100% pure street self defense.

Call now for your free semi-private session. And if you decide to join, we will also give you 15% off the membership price. Call 9878 4288 or visit

Some conditions apply.

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