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Trabajo nº 2531 Balkilis: Twist of fate

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Dec 2, 2006 @ 19:29
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Dec 8, 2006
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This project is a no budget, i'm expecting a free voice personality because i'm just a hobbyist animator and i hope to stream this project for free on the internet....

Balkilis By Raymond
Episode one.
Character sketch.

The Boss
Kingpin of all crimes in the mythical city of Banti. He has an unknown but strong influence of the mayor’s decisions therefore owns the town indirectly. He has a secret identity.

The president who is controlled by the boss is weak and easily intimidated.

Old man kabulu
The man who hears from the gods of a small suburb of Banti.

People of banti
Weak, Oppressed, they live in modern day structures but adone the attire of rural dwellers.

Gang lord who takes his orders from the boss and does his dirty work.

An evil woman, once a lady friend of Malydin until he broke up with her, now she seeks revenge.

The title hero, he would grow up from a child to a man in just twenty-one days.

(The bosses voice goes on in the background as scenes of oppression he has masterminded plays. The boss talks about how he has total control over the people of Banti.)

Twist of Fate subtitle

Scene one. A Villager gets shot in the head by one of the bosses goons, the man wears a black trench coat, similar to those of the men in black movie

*Scene two. A man wielding a shotgun shoots a villager.

*Scene three. A house is burned and three of the boss’s goons stand watching

*Scene four. The president gets on his knees and begs the boss.

--Fade out—
(Cross view of people in the town of banti a typical morning… people going to work, kids in a moving school bus, birds surfing the air…)

--Fade out—
A shanty looking house (front view) with a limo parked outside,
*The dialogue plays while the camera focuses on the house..

(A man is tied up in a chair, speaks in begging tone; Malydin is holding a cigar)

Man voice: Please, Please don’t kill me
Malydin: But you have betrayed the boss, you must die.
Man voice: Please I can make it up to you please don’t kill me.
Malydin: You must die; the boss hates your ass!
Man voice: No, another chance, please.

Malydin gives the order to the goons in a trench coat.

(Front view of the house again, a loud scream is let out, and then a gunshot, the scream dies with it.)

--Fade out –
(Face view of malydin with a phone who has a coy expression on his face)
Malydin: The deed is done Boss.

(Front view of the house again) *Triumphant music plays…

--Fade out—
(Scene of the boss in his secret lair)
Boss: Very well Malydin, very well.

(Scene of a town crier in the village)
Town crier: People, people remember to bring your children to old man Kabulu for the verification exercise…

(Camera pans to two maliciously looking women)
Woman one: My child will be the savior I know it!
Woman two: No! My child! Yours is fat and ugly!

(Scene of an overview of the market)

--Fade out—

(Scene of a mansion at night with a limo in front)
(Scene of Malydin in a dimly lit office, holding a cigar)
Malydin: Locoma! What are you doing here?
Locoma: I came to see you, I heard of the wedding…
Malydin: It’s no business of yours, I divorced you remember?
Locoma: You bastard! You used me, my body, you bastard!
Malydin: Please leave Locoma, right now!
Locoma: (begins to cry) You shall pay Mal! You shall I shall see to it! You bastard!
Malydin: Don’t do anything foolish Locoma…Guards get her out this minute!
(Camera zooms into Locoma’s face she looks very vengeful)

(Scene of old man Kabulu)
Old man: gods! Please speak to me, how shall I know the child when he comes?

*A glow appears from the top like a light shade covering old man Kabulu

Voice: (echo) I shall show you, you just look into the child’s eye and you shall see.

Old man: So be it…

*Glow disappears

Old man: Amazing.

--Fade out—
(Locoma standing close to a baby cot)

Locoma: This baby is the seed of Malydin, it shall inherit ALL of Malydins vast estate…but I shall put an end to that, I shall put an end…to IT!

*She raises a syringe to her face level, then wears a smirk on her face
--Fade out—

(Malydin and his goons walk in)

Malydin: YOU BITCH! What have you done to my child?
Locoma: I have injected your son with the hyper mutation virus…what you call the HV virus…
*Malydin wears a shocked expression and sighs in horror…the guards also sigh in horror loudly

Locoma: He shall grow to be a big senseless retard! Ahahahaha!
Malydin: (gets his gun to Locoma’s face) Fucking bitch!
*Malydin shoots…blood splats everywhere…
Guard one: We must act fast sir; at an early stage the virus could be transmitted…air bourne.
Malydin: Dispose of the child, there is nothing left for him here…
*Malydin walks away in despair
--Fade out—
*Sorrowful music plays

*Scene one; Two men totally in black shadows walk towards a waiting van in front of the mansion.

*Scene two; They pull up at a bridge then come out of the van and throw a bag out

*Scene three; the bag falls and crashes through the roof of a house in the village on a bed besides a crying woman

*Scene four; the woman sees the contents of the bag, then smiles

--Music fades—
--Scene fades—

(Cross view of the village)
The next day appears as a subtitle on the scene

*Women are lined up, holding kids in front of an old shrine
*Two suspicious looking men in cloaks watch from a distance

*Anticipation music plays

*Scene one, a woman shows her baby to Old man Kabulu
*Kabulu gestures ‘no’
*Another woman shows her baby to Kabulu
*Kabulu gestures no
*Scene of Kabulu doing a weird dance in front of the sun
*Woman shows her baby to Kabulu
*Kabulu gestures ‘no’
*Woman shows baby to Kabulu
*Kabulu gestures no
*Kabulu does the dance in front of the sun
*Woman shows her baby to Kabulu
*Kabulu gestures no and looks worried

*Climax of music approaches

*The woman who had the bag thrown through her roof shows her baby
*Kabulu looks, he pauses then smiles and gestures yes
--Music fades off--

(Kabulu stands on the rooftop with the baby)
Kabulu: This baby shall protect us from our enemies! Behold your savior

*Crowd goes into a wild cheer
(The men in cloaks run off, later appear before the boss)
Man in cloak: They have their savior sir!

Long pause…

Boss: We shall see…

*Montage of Kabulu and the baby do the dance in sun, rain, day, night as the baby grows

*Scenes of a hand picking up a spear, a hand shield and feathered hat
*Scene of the face of Balkilis with a malicious look
Old man kabulu: And he shall be called…BALKILIS…

To be continued Subtitle appears


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