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Trabajo nº 265399 Voices - Mr Biscuit Animated Film

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Dec 19, 2017 @ 06:21
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Dec 20, 2017
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Middle Aged (35-54)

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Type of Project: Mr Biscuit is an animated series in development. This job will be hiring for a concept video, not for TV broadcast. The intended use of this pilot episode is to convince potential partners to join the production of the series.

The series revolves around an older character (Mr Biscuit) who, in each episode, tells a story. Older Male British voice, but he also does 9 different character voices (including 2 female characters).

NOTE: please audition with "Mr. Biscuit" and a couple other characters of your choice. If you are considered, a 2nd audition with more voices will be required. Reference video has been attached to help with tone and pacing.

Mr Biscuit:
Old man. Warm, cozy. He has a calm voice. Possibly RP English. Or another accent that conveys warmth and kindness.

Sheriff Sugralump:
Grumpy, nervous. He has a good heart, but hides it behind his badge and the authority that comes with it. His voice is a bit rough. Not the typical American accent, but possibly there's an English accent that has a similar feel.

Cactus Boy:
Soft, timid. His voice is slighty higher pitched and he speaks softly.

Confident, playful, careless. He's an artist. We imagine him with a French accent.

Troublemaker, disruptor. Voice rough, sharp. Possibly London accent.

Deep voice. Slower, but not too slow. Maybe he has a lisp. Possibly a West Country accent

The Peas:
Enthousiastic, energetic. Slightly nasal voice, high and clear. As they speak they finish each others sentences, but it almost sounds like one fluid sentence.

Banana Sister 1 (presenter):
Enthusiastic, upbeat, almost always smiling. Always acts as if she's presenting the news.

Banana Sister 2 (camera):
Quiet type, doesn't say much. More neutral voice.

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