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Trabajo nº 29580 Tsunami-Nation Social Media

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Dec 28, 2010 @ 22:29
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Jan 4, 2011
Número de palabras
Believable, Animated
English (North American)
Rango de edad
Young Adult (18-35)

Descripción del trabajo

We are going for a fun, fresh, somewhat humourous, voice with a lively animated feel.

This is the dawning of a new era for business and consumers.
(caveman who is transformed from a long haired caveman with a club into a customer with short hair and a laptop.)

Your potential customers are connected like never before.
(show mugs of friends in a circle around him)

Advertising has changed forever. People are not allowing advertising into their lives without their permission.
(Show a TV fast-forwarding a commercial, or a phone ringing, caller ID checked, but it not being answered.)

Advertising has become referral-based more than ever. When customers like a product or service they share it over social media sites.
(show logo’s of FB, Twitter, Blogs’ etc.)

Social Media has become like a continuous never ending trade show focused directly at your target audience. Your business is successful, you have a brand and a booth and there is a party at your booth. You're busy taking care of your customers and keeping the party hopping. You make it happen.
(sunglasses on the cool business owner, maybe party hats and those "blowout" party accessories that you blow into, and they inflate to make the streamer unroll.)

There is room for more at your party, but you are so busy taking care of those already at the party that you don't have time to go get them and make them part of the fun. How do you get into that circle where your product or service is the one being referred, and make them part of the party?
(back to the circle of people’s mugs)

You know the circle of customers is focused on what you have to offer because they share similar interests with others in the circle. These potential customers contact each other over social media, ask questions, give and receive answers and advice, and set the conversation in motion. Some add to the conversations others just listen and learn with ease. Even those not conversing initially can be the ones referring. Your brand or service needs to be in the middle of that conversation.
(Show the circle of mugs conversing and the business owner on the outside, looking for a way to break into the circle.)

Your business is on the move, your staff is performing many functions, putting in the hours, going the extra mile, and keeping things rollin'. You don't have time to do all of the elements of social media professionally and consistently, and still have time to see your family. You don't want to hire a full time staff member to do it, and you know it has to be done right. We'll your in luck because there is a button for that.

(Our business owner is successful and organized. Show an inbox with papers stacked high to show how much he has to do. Then show a but has a close up of finger pushing the button. (see www.tsunami-nation.com for reference on the button.)

That is where we come in. We’re Tsunami-Nation and we can help you get the brand recognition and customer interaction to those who are discussing what you do, and need your product or service.

(Tsunami-Man shows up. Reference www.tsunami-nation.com/what at the bottom of the page for a reference for the TN character)
We mobilize your customer's to share your offering with friends which results in a positive brand awareness, new customers, new insights, broader social engagement, exponential growth.

(Show Tsunami-man pointing out and mobilizing the troops)
Your customers can then become a volunteer army of advertisers promoting your business. And a chain reaction is the result.

(Tsunami Man and his army break into the circle and gives those in the circle army type hard hats with the Tsunami-Nation logo on the hat, then the circle grows exponentially. And all of the exponential growth shows up one by one. Then the next step is to show them with the grape slushy and it growing exponentially. )

There is a button for that. At Tsunami-Nation we answer that call on what used to be a top secret superhero phone with a red button, but now is a tweet, instant message, text, poke, on our Bluetooth iPhone or Blackberry with all the social media apps on it. To help get your business' social media marketing strategy working for you. We have a business solution to support and increase your growth.

(Show Tsunami Man STARTING TO answer a red phone (1960's style red phone like Batman used to do) but then puts the bluetooth headphone on, and listens on his phone full of apps. (IF we can make that sort of clever/funny, great, if not we can scratch the last bit.)

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