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Trabajo nº 338015 GT17 (Alice_1)

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May 15, 2019 @ 08:19
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May 17, 2019
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0h: 1m: 49s
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Teen (13-17)

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We are looking for a voice for our casual game.

Alice. 15 y.o. Anna Gray’s daughter.
Goal: Help her mother Anna investigate to make sure the Grays stay alive.
Backstory: Came from the future to her mother for help. She has caught the fever that is threatening to kill all the Grays, however she’s still alive. She is not a time traveler, but has a similar ability - she can travel in time and talk to people, however she can’t change anything. She looks like a ghost in the times to which she travels.
Personality traits: Kind, responsive, ready to help.

Please read the sample script for the demo.

In the sample script:
1. Alice comes from the future to her mother to ask for help. She tells about the tragic events in their family ans stretches her hand to move to her future and save the family from the fever together.
2. Isabella rushes into the house. She looks exactly like Alice and accuses Alice that she's not Anna Gray's real daughter. (Here we need 2 a bit different variants of the phrase: 1 — usual Alice, 2 — a bit different as if it is her twin sister speaking).

Thank you!

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