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Trabajo nº 339328 MT17 (Commander_Policeman_1)

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May 24, 2019 @ 08:04
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May 27, 2019
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Hi there!

We are looking for a voice for two characters in our casual game.

1. Commander. Male, 60 years old. Boss, confident. Speaks calmly. A long-time head of the Mystery Trackers Order. Confident, firm, clear-headed, prudent.

2. Policeman. A man of about 40 y.o. Afro-American. A local police officer who watches the Watch Hill.
Goal: Do not allow anyone enter the quarantine area of the town.
Backstory: A regular Police Officer who meets Detective at the Watch Hill quay when she tries to enter the town.
Personality traits: Strict, loyal, reasonable.

Please read the sample script for the demo.

In the sample script:

1. Detective is in her office when Commander arrives, shows her the latest news connected to the tragic death of her family and assigns her to a new case.

2. A police officer doesn't let Detective enter the town without a protection suit.

Please make sure the two voices sound different.

Thank you!

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