Promotional commercial on highly rated internet radio statio Trabajo nº 47479

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Trabajo nº 47479 Promotional commercial on highly rated internet radio statio

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Dec 16, 2011 @ 19:24
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Dec 30, 2011
Número de palabras
English (British)
Rango de edad
Middle Aged (35-54)

Descripción del trabajo

This is a promo commercial that should be read VERY seriously and dramatic with an intense sense of urgency. The script is below and starts from the first quotation mark, and ends at the last quotation mark.

" So it looks as if you have taken advantage of Chicago Crook dot com’s promotional playlist package, and are currently getting your music heard by millions of our daily listeners!! CONGRATUALTIONS on your wise choice and decision!! But wait!! Unfortunately, this is only your first step of many on your path towards ultimate excellence. The next bullet in your chamber at this point should be a high quality interview, conducted by the ILLUSTRIOUS..... Ms. Favor Grace!!

In these days and times, consumers want to know much more than just how lyrical you can be during three - sixteen bar verses. Anyone can do that! But what the consumer TRULY craves, is information... and insight.... about you....the REAL you!!

Here’s a slight sample of some of the questions that the ILLUSTRIOUS Ms. Favor Grace brings to her table....

What have you been through in your lifetime?
Do you have a 9 to 5?
What are your joys, your pains, your fears, your highs and your lows?!
When did your father leave the home?
Does the mother of your child, or multiple mothers of your multiple children have you on a court ordered child support plan?
Do you have any current outstanding bench warrants?
Are you a felon? If so, how many strikes do you have against you?
How many millions have you earned from drug related sales?
How many times have you been arrested within the past year?
Are you the next Tony Montana?
What brand of gun do you carry?
How serious is your swagger?
Has your monthly Link card amount been reduced?

These are MERELY a few assorted examples, of the caliber of questions that the ILLUSTRIOUS Ms Favor Grace can ask of you!!

Have you ever wondered the true reason why Oprah Winfrey retired? The answer is Favor Grace!!

So as usual, step your game up idiots and reach out to the illustrious Ms Favor Grace. Business and free absolutely do NOT go together, so you will most definitely be paying for these services! Just like getting a haircut from the barber, or a manicure from Ms Wong, It costs money to make you look better than how you naturally appear. She will quote a price on what will be needed, as well as what all services will be offered to you, and build your SEVERELY lacking resume by giving more substance to your so called lyrical style!!

As usual, as always, QUALITY MATERIAL AT ITS Finest.....THIS IS.....Chicago Audio....ON....Chicago Crook dot com!!"

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