Live ad-lib dialogue recording and other works Trabajo nº 5419

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Trabajo nº 5419 Live ad-lib dialogue recording and other works

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Nov 14, 2007 @ 07:02
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Dec 10, 2007
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English (North American)
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LIVE ad-lib dialogue recording and other works for English Language learning materials.

The jobs are separated as follows:

1) 8 set of real live dialogues (about 4 minutes each) recording.

2) accurate written scripts of above dialogues.

3) Based on the above dialogues, re-voice each of them at slow pace. (pair work, hopefully one male and one female)

As for 1), we prefer female as an interviewer.

As for 3), we prefer pair work (one male and one female).

Budget is US$1200

Deadline is December 10.

Output files should be high quality, post-produced files.

Script for #2

Interviewee: Hi what can I do for you today?

Interviewer: Um, well I was interested in getting some coffee beans

Interviewee: Okay.

Interviewer: Uh, but I donft know much about the coffee beans. Can you tell me a little bit about some of the different kinds you have.

Interviewee: Okay well right now I'm portioning out the Mt. Bachelor Blend, which is our house blend. It's a mixture of light and dark so it's kind of a medium flavors

Interviewer: Okay.

Interviewee: and I have to get this all ready for tomorrow morning so Ifm just gonna grind them real quick.

Interviewer: What are some of your darker kinds?

Interviewee: Um, the darkest one that we carry is a French roast which is actually a little bit bitter for people that really like their coffee tastec

Interviewer: Oh, okay.

Interviewee: but we have Italians and the Sulawesi, which is a little bit, a little bit more mild a little bit more exotic.

Interviewer: What about for light?

Interviewee: For lights?

Interviewer: Yeah my husband likes lights.

Interviewee: Well we have all of the ones with; with the ethnic names here are the light ones. The Mexican, and the Brazil, and uh the mocha java is very nice, it's actually more of a medium, um the Costa Rican. Those are all pretty mild light ones with little more exotic flavors.

Interviewer: Okay, well how much is it a pound?

Interviewee: Wellc

Interviewer: Does, does it vary between the different flavors?

Interviewee: It kind of depends. Yeah the decaffeinated are all more expensive by a dollar or so. But most of them will run you about eight ninety-five, nine ninety-five a pound.

Interviewer: Okay, how about, now what was this one called again?

Interviewee: The Sulawesi?

Interviewer: Okay, and it's how much?

Interviewee: Um, that one is twelve ninety-five. It's one of the more popular ones.

Interviewer: Okay, well I'll try; let's try a pound of that. Um, and you grind it here right?

Interviewee: We do grind it here.

Interviewer: okay, um, do I need to tell you like what kind of machine I use or anything like auto drip or...

Interviewee: Yep, there are all different kinds of settings um, the more, the more coarse you want it ground for some of the uh ones with bigger holes in the filters so that it doesn't shoot through, because if you grind it too small it'll all, you'll just have grounds in your coffee.

Interviewer: Oh, yeah.

Interviewee: The espresso ones are, the espresso grinds are, are a much finer grind.

Interviewer: Okay, um, I probably just need one for like a regular you know Mister Coffee auto drip kind of a thing.

Interviewee: It, well, kind of depends on whether it's a cone shaped filter or if it's a flat bottom. Some of them have gold filters in thec

Interviewer: It's a flat bottom um, and you know what else, if I could a latte that would be great. Um, how about a single shot twenty-ounce um, let's go banana latte, a hot.

Interviewee: Skim milk?

Interviewer: Uh, yeah.

Interviewee: Do you like lots of foam?

Interviewer: Uh, actually no, less foam. I like more milk and less foam. I always have to have a ton of cream and sugar in my coffee.

Interviewee: Yeah, the espresso uh, it's a really dark blend. I'm kind of a pansy myself. I like a lot of milk in mine too.

Interviewer: Yeah that's why I always get the single shot. Well there you go that's fine. Ah, yummy, ah that looks great.

Interviewee: Well, the Sulawesi is twelve ninety-five.

Interviewer: And my latte.

Interviewee: And a latte. Fifteen ninety-five all together.

Interviewer: Okay, that sounds great. Oh you know what, I think Ifll take a slice of the pumpkin bread too.

Interviewee: And those are half off because it's afternoon. Okay, so with the half off your total comes to sixteen dollars eighty-two cents.

Interviewer: Okay, I'll write you a check here.

Interviewee: This is really good too, I had some the other day.

Interviewer: Oh, I love the pumpkin bread. Well thank you.

Interviewee: You're welcome.

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