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Trabajo nº 5476 Home Is Here

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Nov 20, 2007 @ 12:47
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Dec 3, 2007
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Flat Rock Community
“Where Home Is teaser”

Video Audio
Begin with montage of historic images and images of today’s Flat Rock.
Graphic title:
Flat Rock
Where Home Is “Dramatic” music up

Over beauty shots of Flat Rock fade up individual images of Creek Indians, white settlers and slaves in soft-edged boxes.

Flat Rock is a unique place that has drawn people to its rocky ridges and fertile fields for centuries. Creek Indians, European settlers and African-American slaves and freedmen all have called this place home.
Dissolve to
Historic images of slaves working in the fields.

With the end of the Civil War and slavery, thousands of newly-freed African-Americans left their homes to migrate north. But in Flat Rock, many would not leave.
Show Johnny Waites on camera (02:48:31)

ID: Johnny Waites
President, Flat Rock Archives Johnny Waites (02:48:31)
I think they remained because they actually thought they had it good in the Flat Rock community.
Cut to historic images of Flat Rock white settlers. Cut to historic images of blacks working in quarries and in the fields. Johnny Waites (02:47:51)
I think they had it good with the whites in this community. I think they had jobs; not the best jobs in the world but they had a place to live. They had jobs working in the quarries, working in the fields.
Dissolve to images of the Depression with African-Americans in soup lines or in homeless areas. Narrator
Again, during the worst days of the Depression in the 1930’s, many African-Americans were lured north away from their homes looking for better jobs.

Show historic photo or photos of T.K Bryant, Sr.

Insert historic images of other Flat Rock residents from the 1930’s. (if available)

But one man tried and succeeded in keeping the African-American community in Flat Rock together. His name was T.K Bryant, Sr., and he somehow bought enough land to sell small parcels to other black residents.

T.K. Bryant, Jr. (voice only)
(01:02:31) My Father really loved this community …
(01:02:48) He wanted to keep the people in the community …

Show T.K. Bryant, Jr. on camera.

Reverend T.K. Bryant, Jr.
Flat Rock resident T.K. Bryant, Jr. (01:03:29)
He bought the first 40 acres in 1926 … I don’t know how he came up with the money at that time.
Show images of Johnny leading tour of slave cemetery. Needs audio edit
Johnny Waites (02:28:24) (voice only)
Looking the at the way we have … stuck together since 1822 here in Dekalb County …
Show Johnny Waites on camera. Johnny Waites (02:29:10)
I think the African-America slaves on the other side of the hill would be very pleased on how we have progressed …
Show multi-million dollar homes in Flat Rock. Johnny Waites (02:28:51) (voice only)
… how we have overcome and are now living in some of the finest homes in America as black Americans.

T.K. Bryant, Jr. (01:26:50) (voice only)
It’s a dream come true, really …
Show T.K. Bryant, Jr. on camera.
T.K. Bryant, Jr. (01:26:50)
I know Flat Rock has a positive future.

Show montage of African-American tour of Flat Rock. Be sure to show faces of participants. Show both at Flat Rock Archive and Lyon home. Johnny Waites (02:33:51) (voice only)
In the future Flat Rock, we feel, it will be and can be a place where people from all over America come to view how African-Americans lived in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.
Begin with Johnny Waites on camera, then dissolve to historic images of Flat Rock residents. Johnny Waites (02:46:52)
It is important because it is history and it is black history.
Dissolve images of residents to beauty shot of Flat Rock today. Fade up title over scene.
Graphic title:
Flat Rock
Where Home Is Dramatic music sting

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