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Trabajo nº 5611 Rum in America

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Dec 6, 2007 @ 17:51
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Jan 22, 2008
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English (North American)
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We're trying this again with new voice style suggestions. Here goes ...

We're producing an elearning series of lessons on rum in America including Cruzan Rum. However, the client has a very specific voice in mind .... The voice we want is male, American accent, age is early 25-30 so a younger sound is best. Caucasian or African American sound.

The tricky part is to sound as they say 'laid back and casual' like the islands but without an islands accent. Please view their website and watch the video - the fellow telling the story is the one they feel expresses that laidback style of speech. Visit: His name is Gary Nelthrope.

The final job is about 15 minutes of recorded narration broken down into 5 sections dealing with various topics on rum and Cruzan.

I'd like to pay $100 per hour but if you charge more, I'm glad to listen, but will be more critical.

Thanks much for your auditions.

Please record the following demo for your audition:

'Rum has its own colorful history in America. By the middle of the 18th century, rum production had become the most important industry in New England. And it’s value as a currency for trade, and its ability to generate revenue, eventually led the Colonists into conflict with Great Britain.

You see, after the British Parliament passed the Sugar Molasses Act and The Stamp Act, the colonies had seen enough of “taxation without representation.” And the straw that broke the colonists’ back: the Tea Act of 1773, which resulted in the infamous Boston Tea Party. … although it could just as easily have been called the Boston “Rum” Party, since New Englanders were a lot angrier about taxes on rum, sugar and molasses than they were about tea. These conflicts over revenues and taxation ultimately led to the Revolutionary War, and thereafter the War of 1812.'

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