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Trabajo nº 5783 Owner Financed Mortgages

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Dec 28, 2007 @ 20:22
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Jan 4, 2008
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I'm starting a small business at home in note brokering. I have limited funds and would like you to please see the message below- it is approximately 2 minutes long. I would like to record it as a taped message connected to my 800# as advertised on a flyer.

The message should create urgency in homeowners to act.
Thank you...Roy.

Taped Message:

Thank you for calling Timely Resources Funding. We are a funding company that provides lump sum payments to you if you are receiving payments from a mortgage note, structured settlement, annuity, lottery winnings or seller-financed business notes. This hotline focuses on converting your mortgage to cash - fast and easy. Although today's real estate climate has created more of a buyers market- many home buyers have bad credit or "too much debt" or maybe even because the property is in a rural location with a lot of land (banks are more conservative these days and typically do not like to lend on these types of properties). This makes it very difficult for a home buyer to qualify for a loan.

The following information will allow you to sell your home faster and convert your mortgage to cash. If you are having difficulty selling your property we ask that you list your property , with the option of owner financing, this will double the amount of interest in your home. Owner-Financed Mortgages, also sometimes known as seller-carry back mortgages, are created when a seller of a home decides to carry a note from the purchaser of his or her home. This is usually done when the property is difficult to sell or when the buyer cannot obtain traditional financing from a bank. You the owner must have at least 50% or more equity in the property in order for owner financing to work.

When a home seller offers owner financing, this opens the door for a larger number of home buyers who wouldn't normally qualify. Once you agree to work with me and find someone interested in your property we will evaluate the entire deal at no charge to you and propose the best possible option for you to receive the best possible pay price for your note. We will then purchase the note at the same time the home is sold. (at the closing through the title company).

This satisfies the needs of the home seller because he/she receives a lump sum of cash now instead of waiting years to collect the balance in low monthly payments over time. Home values are rapidly decreasing on a daily basis and is expected to continue throughout 2008. There is no obligation to convert your mortgage to cash Now! Please leave name and number and I will contact you ASAP.

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