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Trabajo nº 7666 Confidential - Video Game Narrator

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May 19, 2008 @ 04:52
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May 19, 2008
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Our client is a leading video game developer and is looking for an older male voice dating back to World War II for a project in pre-production. (Prefer narrator have own recording facilities)
If you are interested, please view the script below and send us a sample of the recorded script (1min30sec) with a quote asap

Dark times called for the Allied invasion of France. The largest amphibious operation in the history of modern warfare.

Captain Westing and the SIF land in a hailstorm of fire, instantly taking casualties.

ALT: His final pleas falling on deaf ears, Captain Westing and the SIF are sent into the heaviest fighting, negating their elite training and their brilliant tactician. Captain Westing and the SIF land in a hailstorm of fire, instantly taking casualties.
Stripped of jurisdiction and thrown into the fray, Captain Westing's men flounder on the beachhead, the grinder of the Normandy coast indifferent to their elite tactician. It was a bloodbath.

Westing calls for air support. He receives no reply.

Westing calls for heavy armor. He is answered only by static.

As the wheels of bureaucracy churn, Captain Westing watches his men dissapear beneath the cold surf of the Northern Atlantic.

Quickly assessing the situation, Westing takes charge, scanning the Axis fortifications.

Amidst the metal storm, the panic, the thunder of the 88's, Westing spots a fatal flaw in the unbreakable German front. He rallies his troops, leading them up the beach as Axis reinforcements dig in to defend the shelf.

With thousands of British troops inbound, the lives of their allies and the success of the invasion depends on clearing Normandy's deadly shores.

We fade to gameplay.

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