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Trabajo nº 793 Six Guns-On Line Game

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Nov 7, 2005 @ 17:10
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Nov 14, 2005
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English (British)
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We are looking for a Scottish character actor for a few small lines in a Western game we are developîng.

He's probably drunk, definitely bad tempered and speaks with a thick brogue!

Here are the lines we need auditioned, the character is Abe Scotch Mcalister.

(WP1 – Jack takes cover behind an overturned table)

Jack: First round's on me, boys!

(As Jack clears the room of all but two enemies, Scotch appears on the stage for a brief moment.)

Scotch: You used to be so much stealthier when I worked for you Jack. I heard you coming an hour ago.

(Once the room is cleared of enemies, we hear the voice of Scotch again. Jack moves toward the stage in pursuit of his prey.)

Scotch: Let’s play a wee game Jack. Find me and you win a free trip to Hell to join your wife. That’s where she is Jack, you knew that, didn’t you?

Jack(seething): I’m already in Hell, Scotch and you’ll be joining me soon enough.

Scotch: Good to see you’re still sharp as ever, Jack. I’m still holdin’ yer prize but you’ll not likely see it.

Jack: Sarah?

(Enemies come from the rooms upstairs and appear at the railing of the second floor balcony. Once cleared, Jack heads up the stairs and into the first room at the back of the building.)

Scotch:(Random Taunts)

Yer out a yer depth, Jackie Boy!

I'd stay down, if I were you, lad!

Come on, Jack. You can do better.

Scotch:(fatigue and injured)

Ach! Awa' an Bile yer heid! (go away and boil your head is the English term) I'll kill ye fer that!


It'll take more than that to put ME down Jackie!

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