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Trabajo nº 8857 Character Acting - Video Game (Non-Profit) - Female

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Aug 3, 2008 @ 02:48
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Aug 4, 2008
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English (North American)
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Note from - Client has selected and paid for talent via the SurePay system. Thank you.

What I need done:

I need a female voice actor to voice a character for a fan-made 'campaign' for the upcoming Blizzard Entertainment computer game, StarCraft 2.

This campaign is not affiliated or endorsed with/by Blizzard Entertainment and is 100% non-profit.

This is a science fiction setting.

What I look for in the final product:

I'm looking for finished dry recordings which have had any background hiss and noise removed prior to completion.

I need these recordings in .mp3 format with a minimum of 160kbps/48khz, stereo.

Other requirements that the voice talent will need to know:

The character herself will require the actor to display a wide range of emotion which includes rage, teary-eyed upset, and some yelling.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

None. Anyone who can breathe life into this role is very welcome to audition.

Timeframe for delivery:

I do not know sufficient information about what is required of an actor in this regard and as such, I am open to extended delivery times if needed.


Word Count: Approximately 5,000 words with 133 lines of dialogue ranging from 3-5 words per line to 100. Script would be delivered via microsoft word.

Character: A good soldier who went bad. From loyal marine to assassin. About 95% of the dialogue is for the assassin persona but the actor will be required to voice the soldier persona for flashback sequences.

Age: Should be a convincing 25-30 years

Accent: None


Audition Line:

If you are interested in auditioning, please use this line for the assassin persona.

Tone: Sadistic, Commanding

"Here’s how it works gentlemen. YOU will mine minerals and harvest gas for US. YOU will build what WE tell you to build. WE will let YOU live if YOU cooperate. Any questions?"

And this line for the soldier persona.

Tone: Yelling (Middle of battlefield), Commanding,

"I don't care what you have to do Meyers! Get me patched into the relief group!"

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