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Trabajo nº 9915 Company Presentation Liners

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Oct 1, 2008 @ 13:30
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Oct 4, 2008
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English (North American)
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This is for a company wide presentation that will be used on a monthly or every other month basis. Not really radio imaging but the style should be the same.

At the end of each podcast (The serious part) there will be a short section with funny stories from people involved in the project or the event taking place that the podcast revolves around.

Have some fun with these and try not to go over the top.

Thanks L J


Hello and Welcome To….Corporate Funny Business !!

Hello from Corporate Funny Business..( Pause),
where we try to answer questions such as ….
What does your boss do all day anyway?

Welcome and Hello from Corporate Funny Business..,
where we try to answer questions such as ….
Where is the IT person and why is all that equipment just laying around on the floor of their office all broken up?

Hello, This is Corporate Funny Business, where we explore the fun side of your work week. W e may even get your boss to e-mail us a funny story about you.

Remember, if we use your story, we’ll send you something from the
Corporate Funny Business Store.

And now just when you think it can’t get worse……….It probably will !!!!

Ahhh yes…. the serious side of the funny things… that can happen in the office.

Corporate Funny Business ! The only place that makes your work place, fun to be at !!!!

Corporate Funny Business !!! May be harmful if taken toooo seriously !!!

Corporate Funny Business !!! Not to be used as a safety device.

Corporate Funny Business !!! Where its not REEALLYY necessary to run to the boss before getting involved.

Corporate Funny Business !! Where you can TRASH your SENSE of HUMOR
if its broken.

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