Business para Trabajo #330560 Friendly, Confident and Clear Female- Non-Broadcast

Always a PRO!

May 1, 2019

Television para Trabajo #333241 Local TV PSA - Young and Fresh: Male / Female VO

AMAZING TO WORK WITH! Always provides top-notch professionalism and outstanding VO :)

May 1, 2019

Business (Sara Hunt) para Trabajo #327952 Web Video Series - Hardwire

Wonderfully done Christy!

Apr 25, 2019

Internet Video para Trabajo #333396 Ambitious, Direct 25-45 Female - Paid Web 2 years

Awesome job!

Apr 24, 2019

Business (Sara Hunt) para Trabajo #328045 Distinguished Teaching Awards 2019

Amazing job Christy!

Apr 17, 2019

Internet Video para Trabajo #330306 Bike Brand Launch Video - Female VO: Adventurous & Inspirational

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC TO WORK WITH! Couldn't have picked a better VO for this project :) 100 % recommend working with Christy!

Apr 15, 2019

Internet Video


Christy has a great voice and tone. So easy to communicate with and a fast turn around time.

Apr 15, 2019

Internet Video

Red Edge, LLC para Trabajo #332026 US Chamber Recap Video

Apr 10, 2019

Business para Trabajo #331453 *Rush* Positive, Enthusiastic Woman- Non-Broadcast

Always a pleasure!

Apr 8, 2019

Business para Trabajo #330269 Corportate Video - Canadian or UK Based Talent ONLY

Wonderful working with you!!

Apr 5, 2019

Business (Sara Hunt) para Trabajo #315174 eLearning - Competencies Card Game

Amazing work on this one Christy!

Apr 5, 2019


Red CANARY Productions para Trabajo #331293 Dioptics Maps 2019 Voice Over

Awesome voice and great to work with!

Apr 4, 2019

Internet Video para Trabajo #244099 - 10 minutes of product video narration over multiple videos

Apr 1, 2019

Business para Trabajo #328537 RUSH CASTING - B2B Real Estate - Professional + Natural Read

Wonderful working with you!!!

Mar 28, 2019

Television para Trabajo #328512 Middle Aged Males+Females - TV Spots

Great work! Pleasure to work with!!

Mar 28, 2019

Telephone (Ian Callander) para Trabajo #327941 4 x Telephone Prompts

Awesome work Christy!

Mar 28, 2019

Business (Cole Pearson) para Trabajo #322106 Canadian English - 5 x In-Store Video - Male & Female

Thank you Christy!
It's always a pleasure working with you, looking forward to the next one!

Mar 25, 2019

Business para Trabajo #326415 40'ish Male or Female for Real Estate Conference Vid

Christy did a fabulous job!!

Mar 21, 2019

Business para Trabajo #325261 Strong Woman 30s-40s- Unpaid Web

Awesome work!!

Mar 14, 2019

Internet Video para Trabajo #325676 Web + YouTube Spot - Conversational and Friendly

Christy did a fantastic job and the video turned out great!

Mar 11, 2019

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