GGA para Trabajo #304276 IVR recording English (NA)

Love your voice and speedy delivery. Thank you!

Sep 12, 2018

Telephone para Trabajo #166256 Friendly, Upbeat, Professional IVR for Sir Grout

Professional, friendly and incredibly fast! Great working with you!

Aug 8, 2018

Educational (Ian Callander) para Trabajo #282912 - BET addon


Aug 3, 2018

Telephone (Chris Diavolitsis) para Trabajo #295878 - Phone system updates July 2018

FANTASTIC WORK!! :) Everything turned out amazing for this project, and everyone involved couldn't be happier.

Always such a pleasure to work with you :)

Jul 25, 2018


TaDa Records para Trabajo #294894 Brackett Independent School District Auto Attendant

Kristen is an absolute pleasure and professional talent. Her turnaround time is excellent and I look forward to working with her again.

Jul 11, 2018


Maureen O'Malley para Trabajo #288815 Investor Update

Kristen was an absolute pleasure to work with. She quickly responded to each request, quality of the audio was excellent and each time provided an excellent take on the material. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jun 5, 2018

Educational (Sean Mancuso) para Trabajo #281863 Your Voice Requested - Role of Ada


May 15, 2018

Educational (Sean Mancuso) para Trabajo #280151 Voices: English Female - eLearning Series


May 8, 2018


Megerian para Trabajo #283987 Auto Attendant/ hold

Wonderful work.
Thank you

May 7, 2018


Cloudera para Trabajo #282707 Data Impact Award Winners

It was great working with Kristen - she was very responsive, professional, and understood our needs.

Apr 24, 2018

Internet Video (Ian Callander) para Trabajo #278679 - Short App Video

Awesome job Kristen!

Apr 13, 2018

Educational (Joel Burton) para Trabajo #273260 Voices - Educational Audio - Private Invitation (KH)

Apr 5, 2018

Internet Video (Sam Park) para Trabajo #275515 VOICES - RUSH - Prudence Portfolio Script

Mar 29, 2018

Educational para Trabajo #278541 Asthma Video Script

Mar 28, 2018

Business (Tyler Smith) para Trabajo #275197 Voices - Newscaster Soundalikes - Corporate Montage Video

Great work, thank you!

Mar 16, 2018

Business para Trabajo #275047 Video Script

Mar 5, 2018

Business (Jordan Blake) para Trabajo #271621 Voices - VR Video seeking Siri Voice

Wonderful job! Thank you Kristen

Feb 21, 2018


TRB Design para Trabajo #268045 Real Estate Training Video

Kristen was great. We really liked her work and she was really quick with getting us what we needed.

Feb 15, 2018


American Cruise Lines para Trabajo #273024 American Cruise Lines Travel Agent Certification Video Voice Overs

Feb 15, 2018

Internet Video

522 Productions para Trabajo #256585 PS2G Tutorial Videos - Female

Feb 2, 2018

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